My bff is my hype girl

We all have a person who knows us better than anyone else, who thinks you can do no wrong, who listens to your most personal, embarrassing moments and helps you laugh off every horrible detail.

For me, it’s a friend whom i’ve known since I was 17. My best friend and my hype girl. If you’re not familiar with the term, a hype girl is the one who gets the party started, in the hip hop world he/she gets the crowd excited for the main act. And while i’ve never considered myself a main act, my best friend always makes me feel like one.

In high school, she was the person who was always confident, smart and moved easily between all the cliques in our class. Comfortable in her own skin, when she chose me to be her bff, at first I questioned her reasoning, but quickly gave in to her charm and i’m so glad I did.

My best friend is my advocate, she voices my deepest concerns and takes the weight of it off my shoulders. She listens to me share the worst news and takes me from tears to belly laughs, but most importantly, she’s my ride or die – always there when I need her. And we couldn’t be more different, I get my quota of social interaction over with by attending an event or throwing a party once and awhile and then I become a hermit while I enjoy a few weeks of peaceful quietude. But my bff is an extrovert and the hostess with the mostest and with her I am up for anything. She brings out the adventurer in me and when i’m with her, i’m a louder, riskier and more outgoing version of myself.

When I can’t speak for up for myself, she’s there to remind me how amazing I am. Thank God for a friend like her because when you get down on yourself – and trust, I can really beat myself up, it’s good to know there’s someone there to pick you up, dust you off, and sing your praises.

Who’s your hype girl/guy?

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