Am I an Adult?

I’m 32 and a lot of my peers are always shocked when I share my age. First of all, I look like i’m 24, that came from a 25 year old, i’m not that vain! But, I feel like i’m 23, at least I do when i’m getting 8 hours of sleep at night and only drinking a glass of wine once a week.

Turning 30 was never a big deal for me because my mother and grandmother looked so good for their ages, that I knew as long as I ate well, was a good person and laughed a lot, I would stay looking young indefinitely. However, as I got older, that milestone of adulthood seemed farther from my reach. It’s like when you’re in Grade 9 and the Grade 12s looked so much older and you couldn’t wait to be as cool and mature as them. Then you got to Grade 12 and for that year you were mature and cool, but then a year later you went to university and you were back to being the awkward newbie looking up to the older and cooler Seniors. Well that’s how I feel at times; how do you know when you have become an adult?

Is it when you have a mortgage? Or you pay rent for the first time? When you finally get life insurance or when you file your own taxes? Is it when you get married or when you pay off the last of your student loans? How do you know when you have finally become an adult?

When I look at my parents they always seemed so mature and now that I am older than they were when they had four kids (and I’m newly married with no kids), I wonder how they did it? I truly don’t know and I would love to hear other’s opinions because there are days when I look around and I feel that I missed that entire chapter from What to expect when you become an Adult. By the way, if such a book existed, I would definitely buy a copy on Amazon.
So, tell me, how did you know when you ‘arrived’ into adulthood? Or maybe you still feel like you haven’t gotten there yet. Share your experience in the comments, I would love to hear.

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  1. Laurie says: Reply

    You know you re an adult when someone asks you what you want for your birthday and the main thing you want for your birthday is for other people to pay your bills.

    1. ssamuels says: Reply

      Hahaha!! I know! I know some people whose parents still pay their bills. Clearly they are on to something!

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