Later Doesn’t Exist

I’m a creature of habit so every day I take the same route to work and I usually get there just after 9am, but on one random day I decided to turn left, instead of right.

It was a quick decision and the detour actually made my walk longer and even though it would make me late, this particular morning I wasn’t in a rush to get to work and didn’t feel compelled to pick up my pace to get there faster.

You would have thought I had no place to be as I took my time looking in the store windows and wishing I was sitting in a cafe or leaving on a cruise instead of heading to work, dreading the day before it started –  but then I saw something on a wall.

I would call it a sign from God, while someone else would call it the universe, but written on the wall of a restaurant, as if left for me, was scrawled , “Later doesn’t exist”.

In that moment, I knew that message was for me. It was clearer than any message could be and right when I needed to be woken up. I have a good life, but I’ve always felt that there should be something more.

The feeling of wanting more for yourself, of believing that you were placed here to do something that only you were built to do is a common feeling. One we easily ignore. And I  was guilty of ignoring that feeling. I kept waiting for a sign, a cushier savings account, someone to save me or a MESSAGE WRITTEN ON A WALL to tell me what my life’s purpose is – what I was meant to do.

I truly believe that message was a prompt to start this journey with you. Starting a blog about figuring out life is something I have been dreaming about for so long. And fear, doubt and an overwhelming case of imposter syndrome has kept me from moving forward, but the day I saw that message was a reminder that there are others out there who might also feel lost and unsure of what comes next.

So readers, I hope you continue to join me here and together we will map out the path to becoming adults and learn to listen to that voice or read the graffiti on the wall because there are no rules and no map for navigating this journey to adulthood.

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